02 December 2008

Hate to Break It to You, but a Liberal-NDP-Bloc coalition is NOT Undemocratic

So, a quick post on current Canadian political events. At least I'll try to keep it quick and not pontificate endlessly...

I have something to say to all these Facebook people who are all in an uproar, creating a gazillion 'Stop the Undemocractic Liberal-NDP-Bloc Quebecois coalition' groups. Um, people? More Canadians voted for the Liberals, Bloc, and NDP than voted for the Conservatives. So a coalition involving these three parties would actually represent more Canadians than the current Conservative government, making it MORE democratic, not less. Sorry to break it to you.

Also, Harper has failed to come up with a budget (he can call it an 'economic update', but its still a mini-budget at least) that all the parties can agree on, and therefore failed to lead. When you have a minority government, you basically HAVE to form some kind of coalition, because without it, you can't get anything passed. The entire last session of Parliament was a series of shifting coalitions voting on everything that got passed. In this case, Harper has introduced a bill that the other parties cannot agree with, and a non-confidence vote is a logical outcome of that. But here's the funny thing about non-confidence votes - they mean that the House, i.e. the representatives that ALL Canadians elected, no longer have confidence in the government. So, if the remaining representatives can agree to cooperate, they have every right to form a new government. That's how the system works under a minority government.

And I have to say, I'm enjoying this minority business. I like the fact that no one party can push their agenda through, and that all of the parties have to work a little harder on compromising. I think this state of affairs means that the beliefs of more Canadians are represented. Now, I really don't want another election. As a campaign manager, I'm still recovering from the last one, so I certainly don't want to go back to the polls. But a coalition government, I'm OK with that. If the Liberals, Bloc, and NDP can show of their cooperation skills, more power to them.

And Facebook people? You might not like the idea, but you've gotta come up with something better than 'undemocratic' to fight it, 'cause baby, this is what democracy's all about.

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  1. Pardon me, but if a coalition is to be formed I want a new election!

    How many people who voted Liberal or NDP would have voted for a coalition that included the Bloc.

    On another matter, under this new election I expect the Liberals, Bloc, and NDP to run as one party. If they are going to operate as one party, they should not get three nominees up to bat. At the very least voters should know up front that this may be part of their agenda and be allowed to vote accordingly.

    This coalition, which liberals said would never happen pre-election, is at the very least twisting the democratic process. In my opinion this is a last ditch effort of a schemer, Stephane Dione, who was already half way out on his ass, and various liars, who said a bloc coalition would never occur within their party, to circumvent the democratic process. I am fine with a non confidence vote, but if we have one, lets go to the polls...

    I personally lean towards the Green Party, although I believe they may lack some experience. However, I prefer having the Conservative party as a minority government having to negotiate with other parties than either the Bloc, Liberals, NDPs or a coalition of the group. I believe the current situation provides a more likely scenario of a protected economy than the current looming option.

    In my opinion, the Liberals and NDPs are more interested in the popular vote than the welfare of the country. Which I believe is evident in there adopting the popular ideals of the Green Party during the election and yet completely ignoring the facts when pledging funding to various flailing industries. Canada does not need to prop up failing companies who don't provide viable business plans. Modernize, plan, and become more eco-efficient and I'd be happy to see Canada invest in your company.

    In conclusion, be an opposition that speaks for the Canadians that voted for 'you' and work for a better Canada, or let us go to the polls!