12 November 2008

Coolest Baby Room Ever? May-beee...

So, this is the first mommy-type post of my mommy-ish blog. BabyA is current 4 and 3/4 months old. If you've ever wondered why it is that parents are so anally specific about the age of their babies, it's because they grow so ridiculously fast. Literally, BabyA changes from week to week in what she can do, how she responds to GeekDad and I, and how she sees her world. It is one of the most awe-inspiring things I've had the privilege to witness. Seriously.

So, because one of the purposes of this blog is to catalogue BabyA's childhood, I am dutifully reporting that she rolled from her stomach to her back today. She's been regularly rolling from back to tummy for a few weeks already, whereupon she acts like a high centred turtle and thrashes about with her arms and legs until she gets tired and starts making those frustrated 'meh, meh' sounds, but this is the first time she's continued the rolling to make a complete roll. And I have to say, this shit scares me a bit, because I'm fully aware that the rolling and the thrashing are precursors to the crawling and the walking, and I'm am not prepared for Mobile Baby, for godsakes!! I commissioned my brother, the engineer, to think about how the hell we're going to rig up a baby gate for the main floor of our four-level split, cause two sets of stairs +
mobile baby = panicked mama. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated, interwebs!

In other baby-related news, GeekDad and I have finished decorating BabyA's room. About 5 months late, but you know, the whole working until 2 weeks before due date, and then C-section that won't heal quite right, and post-partum anxiety crazies... well, I'm lucky its finished now. Anyway, I'm totally jazzed about her room, and fully acknowledge the fact that apparently we've decided BabyA will be an astronomy geek. Hey, I wasn't going to go decorating my kid's room with My Little Pony or Dora or some such shit. Not a fan of the over-merchandised kiddie crap over here. So we went with a Sky and Space type theme. Notice the moon light on the wall - it cycles through the moon phases, from crescent to full and back again. Also, GeekDad and I put actual constellations in the star patterns. They aren't placed right or anything, but they are there.

And here's the fab-o-luss solar system mobile:

I love this room - I just hope BabyA is just as pleased, once she's old enough to have an opinion.

Coming soon, BabyA's birth story...


  1. That is totally awesome. I want one. The room, that is.

  2. This is fantastic! I've already told my fiance that, when we have kids, our kid will definitely have one of those light fixtures. I love the moon phase thing. I was just thinking about getting one for my bathroom - ambiance during bath time? Or maybe for my office...

  3. I LOVE the nursery wall with the stars. Did you free paint them, buy stencils, or are the stickers?