09 February 2009

Another week in my suburban avoidance scheme...

Sorry for the delay, folks. This was supposed to be posted yesterday but I was having issues with compatibility between the new firewall I downloaded and Blogger. Hopefully these are now resolved. This wasn't a (planned) part of my suburban avoidance scheme, really

So, it's time for another weekend update, because I've been slacking this week. Actually, I've been working on a scrapbook for BabyA, which one hand, I hesitate to mention, because scrapbooking just feels so suburban and bourgeois and just uncool. But, despite the fact that I try to be none of these things, I am assembling a scrapbook for BabyA's first year. And damned if I don't enjoy it. It requires at least a little creativity, and I really don't have enough creative outlets in my life right now. And it can be done in short spurts, which is a requirement for any activity I take on right now. And it doesn't aggravate my carpal tunnel, which is also important. So, I'm coming out as a scrapbooker. Deal with it.

In other news, my grandmother celebrated her 91st birthday on Sunday. 91. Wow. I really cannot fathom that. Because she has seen so many things, and the world has changed so much in that time, and I wish I could bottle even a fraction of her wisdom, for hoarding, and downing on those days when my child and my husband and especially my own special brand of insanity are driving me around the bend. But I can't, so for now I will simply enjoy the fact that she is still with us, and can share her beauty and kindness with us for another year. Happy birthday, Grandma!!

After our brunch, Seester (my lovely younger sister) and her family came over, and we hung out and played RockBand and ate lasagna and had a really nice evening. It was really quite wonderful, and I would like to state again that I feel very lucky to have such a great family. Just sayin'.

I was planning on posting photos of my grandma's birthday, but we forgot our camera at home, and took pictures on my mother's camera. Which she cannot locate the USB connector for. So its a no go. So I'm posting these instead. These are today's Grace in Small Things. Please to enjoy.

Regular Baby.

Cow-face Baby.

Delighted Baby. There you go.

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